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Ai Co-Analyst

Unlock the power of Ai for streamlined hazard insight.

The Ai Co-Analyst is your seamless solution for hazard identification in iQSMS Reporting. Elevate decision-making with automated hazard detection and correlation mapping. Upgrade safety standards with our innovative solution.

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How it works

The Ai Co-Analyst revolutionizes safety analysis by automating hazard identification in incoming reports, providing invaluable insights like hazard status, correlations, and related details. Leveraging collective user data while ensuring privacy, it streamlines processes and boosts efficiency in aviation safety analysis.

Benefits include streamlined hazard identification, improved analyst efficiency, clearer understanding of hazard correlations, and quick access to similar past events, all without manual classification. Discover how our AI-powered solution transforms safety analysis in aviation.

Your Benefits


Objective identification


Improved efficiency
through automated
AI analysis

3d Print Monitor

Predictive risk assessment
via AI generated
correlation maps


AI-driven hazard

Günther Schindl

Günther Schindl

CEO & Co-Founder ASQS

The Ai Co-Analyst is definitely the most revolutionary feature released in any safety management system (SMS) software globally within the last decade.

We empower iQSMS users through analytical capabilities that provide insights in safety data as it was not seen before. The Ai Co-Analyst will help iQSMS users to make significantly  better qualified decisions within a shorter period of time.

All of this is only possible through the collaboration of our incredible IT Team and our amazing cooperation partner, Beams Technology.


This is just the beginning...

More Ai-Tools are coming to iQSMS. Follow us for updates!
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Alan Sternberg

Alan Sternberg

Co-Founder and CEO of Beams

Our mission at Beams is to empower safety analysts to adopt proactive and predictive approaches to risk management. By combining ASQS’s leadership in aviation safety and risk management software with Beams’ cutting-edge AI technology, we are providing the aviation industry with a robust and forward-thinking solution. Together, we are setting new standards for safety and innovation.


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