Three Steps to Effective Safety Reporting with iQSMS

iQSMS / June 26, 2024

Empower your team to identify and address safety concerns efficiently with the iQSMS Reporting Module. Our user-friendly solution simplifies the reporting process while providing a clear feedback loop for reporters. Let’s take a look into how the module streamlines reporting, from submitting an incident to receiving feedback.

Why a Simple and Easy-to-Use Safety Reporting System is Essential
An effective safety culture relies on open communication and a willingness to report safety concerns. However, a complex or cumbersome reporting system can discourage employees from reporting incidents. A simple and user-friendly safety reporting system, like the iQSMS Reporting Module, is essential to empower employees to participate actively in safety improvement. By making reporting effortless and providing clear feedback, iQSMS supports a culture of trust and transparency, ultimately leading to a safer work environment.
Step 1 - Effortless Incident Reporting
Whether you are accessing iQSMS from your browser or mobile app (available for iOS and Android), submitting a report is quick and easy.

  • Report Classification: iQSMS takes the guesswork out of reporting with a clear selection of (customizable) event categories. iQSMS offers a three-tiered classification system (Kind of Report/Area of Occurrence/Event Classification) which allows precise categorization suitable for different operations. This also ensures consistent categories for efficient analysis of all reported incidents and observations.
  • AI-Powered Assistance (Optional): For enhanced efficiency, consider the iQSMS Ai Co-Validator. This intelligent add-on analyzes report content to suggest the correct classification and route it to the responsible department automatically.
  • Fill in Customized Forms: In addition to a wide range of standard report forms, iQSMS allows for fully customized forms tailored to your organizations’ specific requirements. This ensures you capture all the relevant details for a thorough investigation.

file a report
Step 2- Following Your Report's Journey
The “My Reports” section within the mobile app or the “My Reports” widget on the iQSMS dashboard provide a central hub to monitor your submitted reports. Here, you can see the status of your report, offering peace of mind that your concerns are being addressed. In addition, you will also receive email updates on your report. 

Behind the scenes, the iQSMS Admin is working diligently. This includes:

  • Clarification with Reporter (even anonymously): If further information is needed, the admin can reach out to the reporter, even for anonymous reports. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the event, while also ensuring anonymity.
  • Report Approval: Admin users verify that submitted reports meet all the necessary criteria before proceeding.
  • Assigning Responsibles: Reports are promptly routed to the responsible department or personnel to address the identified issue.

Monitor Progress
Step 3 - Closing the Loop
Once the investigation is complete, the Admin team can provide you with final feedback on your report. This includes a “Summary of Corrective Actions” to show how the reported incident or safety issue has been addressed. We are convinced that providing feedback is essential to keep the follow-up process transparent and to demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement.

Equip your team with the tools they need to prioritize safety. The iQSMS Reporting Module is just one of our core modules available within the iQSMS suite. Get in touch with us today and find out how iQSMS can best support your organization!

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