ISO Standards now provided in iQSMS

iQSMS    /    May 20, 2022

We are very pleased to announce that ASQS has been officially authorized by the Austrian Standards GmbH to provide ISO standards on a global basis in iQSMS.
With iQSMS, we have developed an intuitive safety and quality management system with a consolidated regulations database to support our customers in complying with the latest national and international standards and regulatory requirements. Therefore, an extensive number of regulations and standards including relevant EASA and TC parts, FAA regulations and checklists as well as IOSA/ISAGO and IS-BAO/IS-BAH standards have already been implemented in iQSMS, to streamline compliance management and quality assurance.

In addition, ASQS can now also offer a license for ISO standards in iQSMS. As we put great emphasis on highest data quality, we retrieve the standards directly from the publishing organization, Austrian Standards GmbH, and feed them into the iQSMS database, which allows us to always provide our customers with the most current versions of the respective standards and thus ensure compliance with the applicable national and international requirements.

This will help our customers and especially ISO certified companies to further improve the use of iQSMS for their internal audits.

In order to introduce a uniform system throughout the organization to facilitate communication and increase transparency, as well as to streamline internal reporting and auditing processes by adopting a consistent method, the project managers from LAT and ASQS have adapted iQSMS to the company’s requirements over the recent months and successfully implemented the integrated safety and quality management system, which is planned to go live in the first week of May 2021.

ISO Standards available in iQSMS
The standards, licensed through Austrian Standards GmbH, include:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 27001:2013 & Cor 1:2014 & Cor 2:2015
  • EN 9100

Like all other regulations and standards in iQSMS, the ISO standards are of course constantly monitored by our dedicated ASQS regulations team to ensure they remain up to date.