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We are very proud to welcome Alliance Airlines as our first Australian customer!

Based at Brisbane Airport in Queensland, Alliance started operations in 2002, focusing on fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) air services for workers in Australia’s mining and resources industry. Alliance was one of the first operators across Australia to respond to the need to provide safe aircraft charter services for workers of remote mining and energy projects in Australia. The airline’s commitment and reliability over the years made Alliancethe leading FIFO air charter operator in Australia, who areworking today with the world’s most notable resource companies. As well as providing tailored ad-hoc charter services, Alliance also offers domestic group travel across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and South East Asia, operating a fleet of three different Fokker aircraft – Fokker 50 turboprop, Fokker 70 LR jet and Fokker 100 jet.

Since safety is Alliance’s first and foremost priority – Alliance was the first Australian airline accredited with a Gold Status under the Flight Safety Foundation’s Basis Aviation Risk Standard program (BARS) – the implementation of our integrated quality, safety and risk management solution will fit perfectly in the airline’s operational culture. IQSMS will significantly facilitate regulatory compliance and safety assurance by optimizing internal work flows, adding transparency and fostering the company’s reporting culture. Thereby, IQSMS contributes to a proactive risk management and an optimized organizational safety performance.

We are proud to support Alliance Airlines in keeping the highest standards of safety, reliability and operational performance and look forward to a successful cooperation.

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