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We Are Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

Today is the day when it all started; the day when someone came up to Günther Schindl saying: “Your baby is born. Now it is up to you to cherish it, nurse it and raise it.”

Looking back on that day, Günther admits, that he didn’t really know what this meant back then – comparing a business with a newborn baby. But that’s what it actually is; a new beginning, something that changes your whole life, something that demands everything from you, causes sleepless nights and many concerns. But at the same time, it’s something magical and exciting that allows you to grow beyond yourself.

Today, ten years later, this metaphor makes perfect sense. Initially when running a business, you don’t really know what to expect and no day is like the other. All you have is a vision and a vague notion of how to achieve it. Your company needs all your attention to grow healthy and strong. But as the years go by, your business – just like a child – slowly starts sustaining itself and you get more and more experienced as an entrepreneur, you learn how to deal with new challenges and keep things running smoothly. 

The shared vision of a system that revolutionizes aviation quality and safety management and an innovative idea on how to achieve it, brought together Günther Schindl, Wilhelm Kment, Günther Syrowatka and Antoine David, leading to the foundation of Aviation Safety and Quality Solutions S.a.r.L. in 2009 in Luxembourg.  

Their combined experience and expertise in the field of business aviation and IT gave birth to IQSMS, a web-based integrated safety and quality management system that allowed operators to be more flexible in the handling of safety related data and, thereby, enabled a better communication between the different departments. 

But despite the benefits offered by IQSMS, the young company had to fight headwinds: “It was hard for us back then, to give operators an understanding of the benefits they could derive from IQSMS”, Günther Schindl remembers. “It was a time, when there was no legal obligation for aviation companies to implement a safety management system.” 

When everything seems to be going against you, 
remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Passion, perseverance and conviction, as well as the trust and support of their very first airline customers, helped the founders adhere to their vision and let them overcome initial obstacles. Believing in the product, Günther Schindl and Günther Syrowatka further developed the IQSMS Suite and expanded the offer from two to six modules between 2009 and 2012. The upcoming worldwide legal obligation to implement a SMS in commercial aviation, gave the company new impetus, which led to the opening of the Austrian branch ASQS GmbH, the move of the operational headquarters to Vienna and the creation of the FDM department in 2013. 

Today’s COO Eva Lederhilger was the company's first employee, reinforcing the sales team and initiating ASQS’ brand refresh, which resulted in the current ASQS and IQSMS logo and the redesign of the company’s product brochures. 

The following years were characterized by an ever-growing professionalization, steady increasing of the ASQS team and continuous development of the IQSMS Suite, which led to milestones such as the first User Conference in Vienna in 2013, the first “Get together Africa” in Johannesburg, the release of new IQSMS modules, and the iPad and Android Offline Reporting Apps. 

In 2016 we moved to our current office in Wasagasse 6. There were several reasons for moving to a new location, but the most important one was SPACE. When we first opened the branch in Vienna, there were just 4 of us and plenty of space. After three years, our team had grown considerably, so that it was soon getting too tight for us all. The new office with its big, open rooms perfectly reflected the company’s team-oriented work attitude and made it easy to create an inspiring working environment. The second reason for moving was that we had grown out of our small shared workspaces. It was now about visibility and professionalism. The new location provided enough space for customer meetings, giving us the chance to welcome our clients in an adequate and qualified atmosphere.

The last two years were intensive ones. The IQSMS Suite has grown to its current 10 modules, we landed renowned customers, opened another branch – ASQS Ltd. – in Bangkok, Thailand and changed our claim from pioneers to Intuitive Safety and Quality Management, putting a focus on the user-friendliness and customer-based approach of our developments. We expanded into the Latin American market and widened our portfolio to airports and maintenance organizations, as well as taking a step further to enter the maritime and offshore markets. Our team grew to 35 team members and our customer-base to more than 190 companies worldwide. 

Our efforts were honored with the Born Global Champion Award in 2017 and the Export Prize in 2018, both awarded by the Austrian Economic Chamber.

Summing it up, it was a great ten years, full of challenges, difficult as well as good episodes, great achievements, new faces and friends. What stays in mind, are not only the milestones, but many of the little things that turn into treasured memories.

That’s why we are celebrating today. Celebrating the people, who made all this possible. Because it’s not just about business or code. We would like to thank all our customers and partners: without your loyalty and trust in our products and services we would not be where we are today!

Our sincere gratitude goes to the ASQS staff! Thank you to those who paused here for a bit before continuing on your journeys, and for those who have stuck with us. Thank you for making all this possible by enriching the company with your ideas, knowledge and dedication! 



We are excited to enter the second round!