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ASQS 2021 Recap

Welcome to 2022!

With a new year ahead of us, there is no better time to share some interesting facts and figures of the past one with you!

2021 was again marked by challenges and changes, but looking back, it was a year that brought us many good things, a year of both minor and major accomplishments that we look back on with pride. 

New partnerships and new staff help us grow
We have gained new partners and signed new contracts bringing us to over 260 customers on 5 continents and 125,000 active IQSMS users.

But of course, there is no growth without a winning team, so we are delighted to see all the new faces in our global offices and happy for the ones who have taken on new tasks and challenges in other departments of our company. This has allowed us to strengthen every area of the company, from our development team through our marketing and support departments to our project management team. This brings us to a workforce of 50 employees in our offices in Vienna, Bangkok and Calgary, joining forces every day to deliver innovative products and outstanding services. A team with a wealth of talent and expertise that gives ASQS every chance to storm into 2022 with enthusiasm, new ideas and skills that will help us stay at the forefront of innovation and customer service.

After all, attracting new customers is not our only goal. At ASQS, we never stop trying to impress and delight our existing clients. So, our growth strategy is always focused on better availability and support for our customers around the world and the continuous development of our solutions. That's why we are particularly proud of our first hybrid user conference, which we held both online and as an in-person event in Vienna in November 2021. This gave our global clients the opportunity to join our annual customer event, even when travel restrictions were in place. We were especially pleased to offer this opportunity, as it not only allowed us to reach as many customers as possible, but also to finally meet some of them in person again. 

As COVID-19 continues to be a challenge, we still work mainly from home, which helps us to keep business running and gives us the chance to be there for our clients as usual. However, knowing how important personal contact is both for productive collaboration and the exchange of ideas as well as for our new team members to settle into the team, we have moved to a hybrid working model that offers both home office and office days, adhering of course to strict hygiene standards to ensure the health and safety of our team.

Innovation at the heart of everything we do
The figures shown in the graph above clearly indicate encouraging numbers of reports and audits created and filed with our software last year.  

In 2021, more than 155,000 reports were filed in our customers' systems. In other words, an average of about 425 reports were created per day, which means that valuable safety information was shared via IQSMS every three seconds. The vast majority of these reports were submitted via our IQSMS mobile apps, available on Android and iOS devices. 

When it comes to audits, we see similarly outstanding numbers: In 2021, more than 21,000 audits were created in IQSMS -  that means an average of 57.5 audits were performed each day, or practically 2 audits per hour. In addition, about 1,100 of these audits were signed electronically using the integrated e-signature function.

And because customer support is one of our core disciplines, we are very pleased to announce that in 2021 our support agents successfully resolved 5,272 customer support tickets.

We never rest on our laurels here at ASQS. In 2021, we have initiated and driven forward many major projects. We worked on the new system version IQSMS 4.0, which will provide a modern look and an even more intuitive user experience to all IQSMS users. In addition, we have developed a very exciting new feature in the area of quality assurance that is close to release.

Exciting times ahead
In this new year, we will continue to push the progression of our system and bring our new developments to the market. Stay tuned for the big reveals to come in 2022 and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and news!


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