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Safety is priority number one for every airline. And what could be better for airline safety managers than having the perfect overview of all safety-relevant aspects at any given time?

To meet this goal, ASQS and Information Design have joined forces and combine their expertise in a completely new approach.

Based on the A:Wall technology, Information Design created a dedicated safety version of the A:Wall: the Safety Wall — concentrating on every information and KPI which is relevant for a seamless and enhanced safety monitoring process. Of course, relying on Information Design’s proven top-notch layout and real-time information wherever possible. ASQS fuels the Safety Wall with the required data, which has been entered to the IQSMS system. Therefore, a tailored interface has been developed to connect the IQSMS platform with the Safety Wall.

“As a software provider we are focused on the collection and processing of data. In Information Design, we’ve found a strong partner whose expertise allows us to offer our customers a new insight in their safety performance. The interface between IQSMS and the id1’ Safety Wall brings small as well as big data to life by turning it to clear and concise information, which makes it easier to detect patterns and trends”, says Günther Schindl, CEO of ASQS.

„We are proud to offer airlines a radical new approach to monitor safety KPIs. Together with ASQS, which sets standards in the world of aviation safety, we are more than convinced to take airline safety management a huge step further.“, says Benjamin Walther, CEO of Information Design.

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