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We are excited to welcome another helicopter customer from the Scandinavian region - HeliAir Sweden.

Starting with a small HU 269 piston engine helicopter around ten years ago, our new client now operates a modern fleet of total 20 helicopters with several bases in Sweden. The Swedish CAA Certified and 18th IQSMS helicopter customer performs all types of specialized operations (SPOs), such as firefighting, commercial air transportation, flight training, as well as TV and film production.

HeliAir Sweden is a detail- and service-oriented company that unites all components and activities, from operations to maintenance and training, under one roof at its base at Västerås Airport. As such, the company runs its own EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organization and in its role as certified Training Organisation (ATO), HeliAir Sweden offers a wide range of helicopter flight training under the supervision of experienced instructors. These include PPL(H) and CPL(H) training, type ratings, proficiency checks and pilot examinations for Heli Air’s own pilots, all held at the HeliAir Academy at the company’s headquarters.

HeliAir Sweden ambitiously pursues a comprehensive quality and risk management strategy to ensure safe operations and meet the demands and expectations of their clients. With the implementation of the IQSMS Quality, Reporting and Risk Management Modules, the company is adopting a standardized and modern approach to safety and compliance at all levels of the organization. The three core modules will be complemented by the Emergency Response Planning Module as well as the Airport and Flight Risk Module, which will support the helicopter operator in identifying operational risks and enable HeliAir to act on emergencies in a timely manner. The proactive and systematic approach of managing hazards and risks, enables HeliAir Sweden to continuously provide its customers with a smooth and safe flight experience.

To find out more about our new customer, please visit their website:


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