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In Tyrol’s mountainous environment again and again, people get into situations that require air rescue, as helicopters are able to reach patients also in very difficult terrain such as the inner alpine region and air transport significantly shortens rescue times. 

Schider Helicopter Service, SHS, is one of the most renowned helicopter companies in Austria. Founded in 1992 with the aim of offering transport flights in the Tyrolean lowlands, the company, now in its 3rd generation, completely withdrew from the transport business and specialized in the performance of ambulance service flights. From its bases in Waidring, Kufstein, Kaltenbach and Zell am See, SHS operates nearly 2500 missions a year with its fleet "Heli 1 to 4" as well as "Alpin Heli 6", five AIRBUS Helicopter EC/H 135. 

During the often very difficult and challenging missions, the safety of Schider’s flight operations has always top priority. Minutes can mean the difference between life and death during air rescue missions, whether they are required due to illness, home or work accidents, or incidents in otherwise inaccessible terrain.

“As we know about the high demands on air rescue teams, especially in mountainous terrain, we are very proud to have won Schider Helicopter Services as a customer. The safety of the pilots and rescue teams as well as the patients is of utmost importance in such operations. With almost 30 years of experience, SHS has always shown very high standards of safety, which will further increase with the implementation of the IQSMS Quality and Reporting Modules. We are happy to contribute to SHS safety culture and look forward to a long-lasting partnership”, ASQS CEO, Günther Schindl, commented on the new collaboration.

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