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Physical social distancing, travel restrictions and the commitment to operational safety and quality in the face of COVID-19: How IQSMS supports you in remaining compliant in times of social distancing.

The current situation is a major challenge for all of us and strains aviation businesses on multiple fronts. So called social distancing is a worldwide measure to stop the spread of Covid-19, but what is meant by “social” is actually physical distancing. Apart of obvious effects, physical distancing has a major impact on the way aviation businesses perform required safety audits to stay compliant with national and international regulations and standards.

The question arising is: shall we conduct audits, remote audits or postpone them?

As in all areas in the aviation industry compliance with national and/or international legislation is of utmost importance, audits should be carried out whenever possible. However, in times of remote work, where movement and direct physical contact are seriously limited, how can companies ensure that their audit activity is not significantly impaired?  

While physical social distancing and travel restrictions make on-site auditing a challenge, aviation businesses can focus on their own processes, their continuity plans, and conduct desktop audits for all areas or parts of internal and external audits, where travelling, on-site work, and physical human interaction is not required. These include:

  • All operation‘s documentation
    • Reviewing the cross-reference list
    • Assessing documentation prior to the start of the remote audit
    • Analyzing the previous audit results and other information
  • Operation manuals Part-A, B, C and D as well as related manuals
  • De-icing/Anti-icing manuals
  • CAMO, Part 145, Part-M Quality Requirements
  • IOSA and required audits based on compliance regulations (prerequisite Audits, ICAO Docs + ISAPs)
  • Aircraft Maintenance programs
  • Industrial standards and preparation for all applicable regulations (i.e. EASA, FAA,…) coming into force in the near future
  • Audit preparation for ground stations

Being able to work from anywhere and to have the possibility to plan, prepare, and conduct safety audits online & offline, is more important than ever in these challenging times, to keep business running and to overcome the current difficulties for performing regulatory inspections.

The IQSMS Quality Management Module supports you in your whole audit management and significantly facilitates the various steps, which have to be taken during the auditing process. IQSMS enables the appropriate preparation of upcoming audits and acts as a communication and collaboration platform for auditors and auditees. In this way, a significant part of the audit demand can be prepared and performed remotely, leaving just a small part of the audit such as on-site reviews of the pending aspects and the evidence of implementation for times, when travel restrictions and physical social distancing belong to the past.

For additional information please have a look at the IOSA Guidance for Safety Monitoring under COVID-19 published by IATA on May 11th, 2020:

For general information about COVID-19 published by EASA, please see:


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