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The underlying idea behind all of our developments is to create a product with a clear, logical navigation structure and an intuitive design to allow a positive user experience. The less you have to think about how to do something, the more you can focus on what you do – this is why we constantly strive to improve the usability of our software.

We are therefore delighted to announce, that IQSMS’ main menu has had a facelift and now presents itself with a completely new intuitive design.

Based around  widgets, which are directly linked to the IQSMS modules, the new IQSMS Dashboard displays relevant, summarized information on your start screen and thereby drastically reduces system navigation and loading times, all the while improving efficiency, productivity and results.

How to Work on the Dashboard

In order to combine the amount of data shown on the dashboard with our goal to provide an easy and clear navigation structure, we decided to enable our users to tailor their start screen themselves.

The IQSMS dashboard is fully customizable and enables users to configure their main menus according to their specific needs. Widgets and their individual content can be selected based on predefined user roles, making each dashboard and the widgets shown, unique to the user.

Main Benefits

  • Individual User Dashboard
  • Direct system navigation
  • Centralized information on one screen
  • Better overview of actions to be taken
  • Enhanced system performance

Log in today to check out the brand new dashboard!

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