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ASQS is proud to announce the availability of trusted and legally binding e-signatures for audit reports now accessible within our Quality Module.

The advantages of going paperless in digital times like these are multifaceted - especially in the field of internal and external organizational communication in which several persons are involved. While the established error-prone paper-based method eats up time and money, digital solutions like signing documents with electronic signatures provide increased comfort, safety and efficiency.

Our revised Quality Module now offers the possibility to conduct the entire process of audit report signing in just a few minutes, making it thereby not only faster, but also more transparent and secure. Signing the reports electronically saves a lot of time and thereby reduces legal risks and increases compliance.

Via the new menu item „Sign Audit Report“ within the IQSMS Quality Module, auditors proceed to an automatically generated report list displaying all audit reports that need to be signed. IQSMS offers the possibility to select single, multiple or even all reports at once, which can then be confirmed upon signature. IQSMS subsequently sends an SMS to the mobile number stored in the system, containing a unique code, which has to be entered to complete the signing process. In this way misuse can be avoided by verifying the authentication of the individual signing as an authorized person.

All reports signed are equipped with a time stamp and stored back automatically, which not only enables auditors and auditees to keep track of when exactly audit reports were signed and who signed them but also makes it possible to access and manage them at any given time. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact ASQS via our contact form. We are happy being of your support and answer your questions.

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