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We are delighted to announce that Innsbruck Airport implements IQSMS, being the first airport to deploy our intuitive quality and safety management solution.

Being the third largest airport in Austria in terms of passenger numbers, Innsbruck airport is an important economic driver contributing to the strengthening of the domestic competitiveness. Since its foundation in 1925, Innsbruck airport experienced a relocation and countless innovations and extensions and has turned into a modern service center in the past years. The airport handles regional as well as seasonal international flights to European destinations, having its high season during the winter, due to ski and winter sport tourism.

As Category C Airport surrounded by the Alps, Innsbruck Airport is known for its difficult approach and landing conditions which require a special pilot training and a profound safety awareness among operating personnel. The topography of the airfield and sudden changes of wind velocity and/or direction, makes descent into the mountain valley demanding and requires experience and challenging visual manoeuvering. Snow, Ice and slush during the winter season add even more difficulty to the operations.

IQSMS offers airport customers an elaborated safety and risk management solution, which allows them to proactively address emerging safety issues and thereby further enhance employee, passenger and tenant safety.

By implementing our Quality, Safety and Risk Management as well as our Document Distribution Module, Innsbruck Airport responds to its challenging environment and takes a deliberate step to optimize the work flow of its safety management which in turn leads to an increased safety of the airport’s operations.

We are proud to welcome Innsbruck Airport as our new customer and look forward to working with our first airport client. To find out more about Innsbruck airport, please visit:

Picture Source: Peter Norzn (c) 

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