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– Success is steady progress towards one’s personal goals. –

(Jim Rohn)

Following this philosophy, we decided to take a fresh look at our objectives and values and to create a claim that reflects our visions, our focus, our engagement and the company we are today.

Starting with a profound passion for aviation, IT and the idea of combining these into an easy-to-handle system that supports companies in their quality and safety management, we developed a solution, that today – 9 years later – is used by more than 170 aviation companies worldwide.

Since the beginning, we have been driven by a close cooperation with our customers and the endeavor to create a product that significantly facilitates their daily work life and optimizes operational efficiency. Years of industry experience and a sound knowledge of the challenges modern aviation has to face, enabled us to create IQSMS, a web-based system, whose uniqueness lies in the composition of effectiveness and intuition. 

As pioneers in the field of web-based SMS, we are experienced in the challenge of developing an innovative and highly sophisticated technology that meets the industry’s requirements and at the same time, following a user-centered approach in order to provide intuitive usability to our customers.

We’ve changed a lot since we were first founded in 2009. We’ve grown as a company, have built strong customer relations and further developed our product IQSMS. What didn’t change over the years is the clear commitment to our customers and our goal to always provide a pleasant user experience. 

Therefore, intuition is at the heart of our new brand claim and perfectly reflects the way we work and what ASQS stands for: Intuitive Quality and Safety Management. So, our claim may be new, but the philosophy behind it accompanies our decisions from the outset.

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