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The IQSMS Quality Management Module can now be extended optionally to support Airworthiness Reviews, Airworthiness Review Extensions as well as Recommendations for Airworthiness Reviews. The functionality was developed in order to comply with the requirements of EASA Part M, Subpart I and to allow CAMOs a smooth and simply system to perform the relevant actions.

The sub-module automatically calculates which action is required next as well as the window when actions can be performed. All checklists and the EASA Form 13b are automatically generated by IQSMS and full traceability of actions performed is guaranteed. Due to work load an action must be staggered? Not a problem, also this function is available in IQSMS. For clients also working with the IQSMS Reporting Module, the list of aircraft is automatically linked with the aircraft database of the Reporting Module to avoid double action in order to set-up new aircraft in the system.

To avoid that auditees must access different functions in IQSMS to access their findings from Quality Audits and Airworthiness Review actions, all findings are accessible centralized in the IQSMS Auditee module. This allows a one-stop solution for all quality actions within a CAMO.

If you have further questions to this new feature, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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