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Headquartered in Istanbul and based at Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Pegasus Airlines offers charter and scheduled flights to more than 70 destinations in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East, among others.

The company launched operations in 1990 as a pure charter airline, focusing on flights for tour operator passengers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among other countries, to various destinations in Turkey.

In 2005, Pegasus began to change the business model to include scheduled flights for non-tourist purposes, mainly on domestic routes within Turkey. The following years were characterized by a large growth in fleet and a significant expansion of the route network, making Pegasus Airlines the second largest airline in Turkey today.

With an average fleet age of only 5.4 years, the company operates a very young and modern fleet of B737-800, A320, A320neo and A321neo aircraft. Complementing the current fleet of around 90 aircraft, Pegasus has open orders for nearly 50 aircraft.

"We are very pleased to have Pegasus Airlines on board and to support them in the further evolution of their safety management system. The airline will implement our three core modules and corresponding mobile applications to streamline their reporting, risk and quality management processes as well as our FDM Risk Module. In addition, we will set up an integration with their Single Sign On (SSO) and Crew Scheduling software for active data transfer," said Florian Lis-Srajer, Project Manager at ASQS.

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