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ECCAIRS 2 replaces the current ECCAIRS platform after being fully re-engineered and refined in terms of technology, system performance and user-friendliness, allowing an integration of local national repositories (Authorities SIA/NAA), EASA and ECR (Central European Repository) into a single web-based solution.

The goal is for all European Member States to migrate from ECCAIRS to ECCAIRS 2 by the end of 2022 to further ensure that safety data can be collected and shared in the same way across the European Union.

The update is purely technical in nature, so there will be no procedural changes for IQSMS users. At ASQS, we will of course make all necessary technical adjustments to ensure that ECCAIRS reporting via IQSMS will continue to work seamlessly.
To ensure a smooth transition to ECCAIRS 2, we are working directly with EASA and participated in a workshop organized by the agency last week in which the technical details of version 2.0 have been explained to and discussed with the main SMS software providers. We will receive more details from EASA in the coming weeks. 

Benefits of ECCAIRS 2:

  • Fully web-based cloud environment managed by EASA
  • Centralized database
  • Modern and user-friendly interfaces for a better user experience

What is ECCAIRS?

ECCAIRS stands for European Co-ordination Center for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems and is a digital platform enabling the collaboration between European National Aviation Authorities (NAA’s) and Safety Investigation Authorities (SIA’s) to support and foster the collection, analysis and exchange of safety information with the overall goal to providing a complete and clear picture of safety risks in the EU, the Member States and beyond.

For further questions, please contact our support team, they will be happy to be of assistance.



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