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We are thrilled to announce our cooperation with German aircraft manufacturer Volocopter that is set to bring commercial urban air mobility to life. 

As a veritable pioneer, Volocopter has developed a new form of transportation that efficiently meets people’s mobility requirements while taking into account environmental considerations and sustainability in its electric air taxi, the VoloCity. 

Founded in 2011 by Stephan Wolf and Alexander Zosel, the company made history by performing the first-ever crewed flight of an all-electric multicopter. Since the “Volocopter VC-1” performed its first flight, the company has grown tremendously and currently employs over 500 people at its headquarters in Bruchsal (Germany) and its Munich and Singapore offices. 

In order to bring urban air mobility to life, Volocopter works with different infrastructure and air traffic management stakeholders to not only develop and enhance urban air taxis, but to create an entire urban air mobility ecosystem. This includes manufacturing, maintaining, and operating the aircraft, as well as providing a software platform (the VoloIQ) to coordinate the eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) ecosystem, and setting up and operating the takeoff and landing points referred to as VoloPorts. 

As a future-oriented company, Volocopter offers a sustainable, emission-free, and modern alternative to transporting people and goods. The VoloCity, a two-passenger air taxi, will lead the way in 2024 as it pursues entry into service in Paris, Singapore, and Rome. For goods transportation, Volocopter has designed an uncrewed, fully electric utility drone – the VoloDrone. Where classic means of transportation reach their limits, the VoloDrone can step in and perform a variety of heavy-duty tasks. As an extension of the VoloCity urban air taxi services, the newest family member (the VoloConnect suburban eVTOL aircraft) is set to offer connections between major cities and their suburbs. 

Sharing the same values when it comes to combining innovation and operational safety, we are very proud to work with such an innovative and visionary company whose VoloCity air taxi – among other innovations – is the first of its kind to be designed and developed to the most stringent aviation safety standards. Volocopter implemented IQSMS in all aspects of its operations, from engineering and manufacturing to operations and maintenance, and further provides IQSMS to all future franchisees, as part of Volocopter’s IT infrastructure standard package.


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