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To proactively address hazards and risks, we must continuously learn from past safety incidents. Therefore, it is important that aviation organizations create an environment where occurrences of any kind can be reported, the management is properly informed of the actual risks, and the reporters receive timely feedback about the actions performed to their reports. Thus, a positive reporting culture is inevitably linked to an informed culture, both critical to developing a strong safety culture in aviation companies. 

Unfortunately, the flow of information is too often one-directional and does not involve all stakeholders equally, preventing reporters from getting simple and effective feedback to their reports.

At ASQS we see this as particularly important to maintain a positive attitude towards reporting in the long term. There is undoubtedly a need for an atmosphere of trust that encourages people to provide safety information, but it also requires a certain flow of information that keeps all stakeholders up to date and thereby motivates reporters to actively report. Increased communication automatically improves safety awareness and can contribute to ensure that safety relevant information is even more deliberately shared.

“My Reports” is a new feature in the IQSMS Reporting App designed to improve communication between reporters and the relevant departments by providing them with information about actions taken on reported events.

The feature allows reporters to access all reports they have created online and offline in IQSMS. As soon as any actions on the reported event have been entered into IQSMS, they are automatically pushed to the app and reporters can access the information including also seeing status changes to reports via the “My Reports” function. 

​The “My Reports” feature can already be used with our iOS application and will soon be available for Android devices as well. 

You’d like to use this feature also in your company? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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