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We’re happy to announce that the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for the IQSMS Quality and Reporting Module have been completed and are available as of now!

IQSMS enables you to store, manage, and process all your quality and safety relevant data directly in the system and thus gives you the opportunity to always keep an overview of your business performance.

Secure data storage is one thing, the simple export of big data is another. 

It has always been the philosophy of ASQS to provide solutions that support and improve the workflow of our customers and give them the flexibility to exchange data in IQSMS with other software programs you are working with. Therefore, we have worked hard over the past 10 months on creating APIs for the IQSMS Reporting and Quality Modules since the data flow between these two modules to other software solutions is the most important. Your uploaded data can now be exported in a secure and easy way, giving you the chance to further process it and turn it into actionable business insights.

In a standard process these interfaces now support the export of any data stored in your IQSMS database right into another 3rd party application, such as Business Intelligence (BI) a/o Big Data Analysis software applications. Yet, taking into account that our users work with different software solutions, we don’t want to limit the export to just a few. The data can of course be used in any other application of your choice.

If you are interested to work with the API, please contact our support team at and we will send the necessary credentials and the technical description to your IT department.

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