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When we at ASQS say that with IQSMS we are not just offering a software but a service, we mean it from the heart.

With our product, IQSMS, we develop and deliver superior solutions that support our customers in their daily operations and help them to optimize their quality and safety management, thereby also promoting the safety culture throughout the entire organization.

To do so, our company has been built on three core pillars: Expertise and product excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. The latter plays an important role in all we do, as we know that our success is the success of our clients. Providing the best service we can is therefore inscribed to our company DNA. 

But what does service excellence mean?

For us, service excellence starts at the very first moment of getting in touch and continues through the decision-making process, the implementation of the system and the ongoing customer support from the moment IQSMS goes live in our clients’ organization. Every customer and every partner is part of the ASQS family, which we associate with being there for each other and supporting each other in the best way possible.

It is this strong sense of community that also drives us in hosting the IQSMS User Conference in Vienna and the IQSMS User Days in Johannesburg and Bangkok, our annual events held exclusively for our customers, partners and friends, which have been taking place for about 8 years now. We love meeting our clients face-to-face and giving them the opportunity to meet our team, get the latest information on product developments and ask questions directly to our product experts.

Over time we have witnessed the comprehensive benefits which our conferences bring to participants, speakers and our entire team alike. Gathering the people who use and know IQSMS with the product developers and experts in one place is knowledge-sharing at its best and helps us to continuously improve our solutions by learning more about our customer’s needs. The goal of our annual user events has always been to engage directly with our clients and equip them with tools and skills that enhance their understanding and use of IQSMS to optimize their product experience.

In today's fast-paced world, time is one of the most important commodities. Technology allows us to complete our daily tasks quickly and often without face-to-face interaction with anyone.  Despite all these achievements, no one of us can deny the power and value of personal interaction. That's why our user events are so precious to us. They give us the chance to strengthen relationships with our customers, as they help them get to know and understand the people behind the product, and, in the same way, help us understand the people in front of the product.  

The Future is live.

So, although the past year has shown that online events do have their advantages, we are making a conscious choice in continuing to host our live events, offering customers, partners and friends the opportunity to meet, network and exchange experiences with like-minded people and industry peers, while giving us the chance to continue to hear our clients’ feedback and answer their questions directly.

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