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As one of the world’s leading airlines, the Lufthansa Group is aimed towards highest industry standards. Since code-sharing and aircraft wet-lease is a standard process in today’s industry, for an organization like Lufthansa Group, it is not only important to monitor these safety standards within the organization, but it is also essential to monitor the standards of all partner companies.

In that perspective, Lufthansa Group does not only rely on third party audit reports, which provide an excellent overview regarding compliance against industry standards, but has also implemented a risk assessment process for its partner companies, called CARA (Common Airline Risk Assessment). This program does not focus solely on legal compliance against pre-defined standards, but its target is to identify strength and weaknesses of an organization based on a scoring system.

Since external auditing and assessments always require an effective and sound follow-up process, Lufthansa Group has implemented our Safety- and Quality Management software IQSMS as its supporting software. “With its offline audit capabilities as well as its efficient corrective action functionality, IQSMS provides a very efficient but user-friendly software which perfectly fits our requirements” says Sven Springer, from the Compliance Monitoring Management department at Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Picture Copyright: Deutsche Lufthansa AG

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