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Always pleased to serve new clients with our innovative services, we are excited to welcome capacity provider Regional Jet as our first customer in Estonia.

In its almost three years of operations, the state-owned capacity provider Regional Jet was founded as subsidiary to national virtual carrier Nordica in 2016 after the closure of the former legacy carrier Estonian Air in 2015. It has become the biggest airline in Estonian history. From its hub and headquarters at Tallinn Airport, Regional Jet offers ACMI services to their mother company Nordica as well as to SAS and LOT. Poland’s national carrier is in turn partially owner of the Regional Jet which operates currently 19 aircraft in Estonia, Denmark and Poland and serves also some PSO routes in Sweden.

Regional Jet shares our view on safety as integral and non-negotiable part of a company’s operations, which led the airline to the implementation of our integrated quality and safety management solution IQSMS. Taking a holistic approach towards managing safety and quality, Regional Jet decided to use 9 out of 10 modules of the IQSMS Suite and complemented the package with the Investigation add-on.

We are happy to be at Regional Jet’s service and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

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