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This year has been a challenging one for us all. Unfortunately, the pandemic also affected our annual user events, which are the most important gatherings every year, since they are a unique opportunity to meet with our customers, to inform you about our latest developments, to discuss your ideas and requests, and last but not least, they are a chance to spend a great time together in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Usually, our events always target regions and take place on different days – the biggest event in Vienna, the IQSMS User Day in Johannesburg for our African customers, and the event in Bangkok for our customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Given the current situation, we felt that it was time to bring the global IQSMS community together to provide a platform for our customer’s questions and give an insight into our latest innovations and future releases.

This was quite a challenge, since our clients and partners are spread across the globe and participated from multiple time zones.

Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic is all about adapting and innovating, and so, with our first fully virtual IQSMS User e-Conference having successfully ended, we’d like to take the time to thank every one of our attendees who made this year’s pioneering event a truly special one!

As it has been our first ever virtual conference, we couldn’t really reach back to any experience and did it more or less from scratch. We’ve redesigned the format of our annual user events and really worked hard on making it a success in order to provide our customers with valuable content and insights. 

With around 200 participants from more than 6 continents, we are delighted that we have managed to move into a new dimension for interacting with our clients and are more than happy that we got such an encouraging feedback from our IQSMS users:

  • All the virtual webinar system interaction. It was so easy to can be "present" from other side of the world
  • Perfectly organized!
  • Considering we were unable to have a face to face conference this year it was good to link up with the ASQS team again to keep up to date
  • Many thanks to the team, very well organized as always! Congrats!!
  • Would like to thank you for the amazing communication and asap reactions when solving the issues! The team is benevolent and very helpful. A great pleasure to work with. 

Without the trust and support of all of you, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you again for joining us and adapting with us to this new situation. 

Our participant’s opinion and feedback always help us a lot to further improve our events. We very much appreciate you having honestly shared your experience with us. As usual, we will thoroughly go through your feedback to be able to provide you with even more engaging and valuable events in the future.

In order to enable all registrants who unfortunately weren’t able to participate, we’ve decided to record both conference sessions, which will be included in the final follow-up and available to all customers as of next Monday. 

We very much look forward to meeting everyone personally again in 2021!

In the meantime, from each of us at ASQS, stay safe, stay tuned, and join our IQSMS LinkedIn group!


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