Digital Service Act

The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) is a comprehensive legislative framework designed to create a safer and more accountable online environment. The DSA aims to protect consumers and their fundamental rights, ensure transparency and accountability, foster innovation and competition, and safeguard society from systemic risks like misinformation, exchange of illegal goods and services and illegal content.

ASQS is a provider of hosting services subject to the Digital Services Act (DSA) and hereby publishes the necessary information to enable users to easily communicate with ASQS‘s central contact point. We strive to maintain a safe and transparent online environment and appreciate your cooperation in reporting any issues that you believe may be illegal content via the reporting form below.

You can submit your report in German or English.

Please provide detailed information regarding the issue or content you are reporting. Ensure to include any relevant links. Our team will promptly review your report to assess the issue. You will be informed of the decision regarding the reported content as soon as our review is completed.

Online form for reporting illegal content in accordance with Article 16 Digital Service Act

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Details of the reporting person or organisation

Angaben zur meldenden Person oder Einrichtung

Specification of the exact electronic storage location of the reported content

Angabe des genauen elektronischen Speicherortes der gemeldeten Inhalte

Reasons why you consider the reported content to be illegal

Begründung, weshalb Sie die gemeldeten Inhalte als rechtswidrig ansehen
Under the Digital Services Act, ASQS is required to collect your name and email address to process your report.

Final declaration by the reporting person or entity

Abschließende Erklärung der meldenden Person oder Einrichtung