Conduct Your Occurrence Investigations in iQSMS

A comprehensive risk management approach encompasses a systematic detection, analysis, and assessment as well as the constant monitoring of hazards and risks threatening the operational safety. A crucial part of managing operational risks thereby derives from analysing and learning from past safety-related incidents and accidents.

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iQSMS is getting ready for ECCAIRS 2

ECCAIRS 2 replaces the current ECCAIRS platform after being fully re-engineered and refined in terms of technology, system performance and user-friendliness, allowing an integration of local national repositories (Authorities SIA/NAA), EASA and ECR (Central European Repository) into a single web-based solution.

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iQSMS My Reports

“My Reports” is a feature in the iQSMS Reporting App designed to improve communication between reporters and the relevant departments by providing them with information about actions taken on reported events. Optimize the flow of information to strengthen your reporting and safety culture.

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