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ASQS in a nutshell

ASQS provides an intuitive, web-based and integrated quality, safety and risk management solution for the aviation industry.

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About ASQS and iQSMS®
ASQS (Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions) is a leading global provider of aviation safety, quality and risk management software, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with subsidiaries in Bangkok, Thailand and Calgary, Canada. With its core product iQSMS, the company specializes in developing and delivering intuitive, user-friendly solutions that support aviation organizations of all types in their daily business. Founded in 2009, ASQS has many years of experience in aviation safety and quality management, as well as extensive knowledge of the industry’s regulatory requirements. The company supports more than 300 small and large aviation organizations worldwide, helping to streamline internal workflows through digitization and automation to maximize efficiency in day-to-day aviation operations. For more information, visit www.asqs.net.
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