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Pilots have only a short period of time for flight preparation, when they have to process a large number of different information. To ensure a safe operation, it must be guaranteed that the crewmembers are aware of any hazard and threat that might affect the flight and to avoid an information overload. Therefore, wouldn't it be nice to provide flight crews only with these NOTAMs, which are actually important for the next flight?

Switzerland’s AIM provider skyguide and ASQS have signed a cooperation agreement to integrate SmartNOTAM into IQSMS. SmartNOTAM is an innovative service to provide individually screened, continuously updated and ICAO compliant checked NOTAM information. The NOTAM text is revised to improve its readability and shortened to include only content of operational relevance. Furthermore, SmartNOTAMs are processed to ensure that they only appear in the briefing period in which they are valid.

SmartNOTAM will be an optional service in Airport Risk Module of IQSMS. With this integration you can provide your crews with significantly improved flight briefing information. It will automatically include both, airport risk assessments of the route to be operated as well as only relevant NOTAM information for the upcoming flight. IQSMS can also distribute the briefing package automatically to your crews via e-mail.

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