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Safety Management System is based on the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle in order to guarantee continuous improvement of the organization by strengthening the implemented processes and procedures to ultimately guarantee a safe environment for our customers and operating personnel. But how can we verify if they positively perceive these improvements? Only performing regular surveys give an objective answer. Surveys are an essential tool within organizations to verify the actual performance of the organization and represent a proactive process to identify new hazards.

“Safety surveys generally provide qualitative information that may require validation to determine appropriate corrective action. Nonetheless, surveys may provide an inexpensive source of significant safety information.”

In order to implement surveys effectively within your organization, the new IQSMS Survey Module is an easy to use but extremely effective support for every organization. Create new surveys as flexible as possible and select for each question individually between the following answer options:

  • Checkbox (single select)
  • Tick box (multiple select)
  • Scale
  • Matrix
  • Free text

For the survey itself, you can mix all question types together to perfectly customize the question program for each survey individually. By using user groups, define individually the group of persons who are requested to answer to the survey. Select for each survey individually if it is anonymous or if the names of respondents are disclosed. Easy to read statistics provide immediate result to verify the strength and weaknesses of your organization. Since results of surveys are limited to selected users, the IQSMS Survey Module cannot only be used for safety surveys but any survey within your organization.

Since surveillances results provide essential information to improve also non-safety related processes such as service quality, employee satisfaction or customer support, to name just a few, the new IQSMS module is designed to support your company on a corporate level. Survey results and relevant statistics are limited to the responsible persons of each survey and therefore, even different departments work in only one module, confidentiality of each individual survey is guaranteed.

You are interested in additional information of this new IQSMS feature? Do not hesitate to contact our company. Our sales team is pleased to answer your question and to organize a free of charge test of this new feature.

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