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As ASQS is dedicated to making its system as flexible as possible, we are currently designing a new offline Reporting App for the convenience of Android users. An iPad Reporting App has already been available since two years.

The new App, which is similar to the App for iPads has the advantage that it also runs on smartphones and is therefore tailored to meet the need of a wider range of users. The main reasons behind the development of the new App are that increasingly more customers are making use of our offline solutions, for which they have expressed great appreciation.

In addition, thanks to the offline tool, the system has indicated a significant increase in the number of entered reports. Our goal is to provide constant support to all of our users and given that more than half of all existing tablets run on Android, we have decided to adapt our offline solutions to the requirements of our customers.

The Android offline Reporting App works roughly the same way as the online IQSMS, thus it enabling our users to simply access the Reporting Module from their tablet. With the new App, users can fill in their reports offline and can later upload the entered reports into the IQSMS database. The reports are automatically forwarded to the safety department shortly after the internet connection is established.

For more information on the upcoming App, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team at

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