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The IQSMS Quality Management Module is among the most popular and widely used modules by our clients. Innovative features such as the offline App for auditing, as well as the online tool’s user-friendly character and intuitive handling have contributed to the growing popularity of the Quality Module. In order to enhance its already-established capabilities, a new and upgraded version of this module will be released in the course of August this year.

The update of the Quality Module sees not only layout improvements coming up, but also the release of many new features for our users. The newest and most noteworthy functionalities include a Regulation Reader, a Finding Messenger as well as a Regulation Cross Reference List.

Regulation Reader: IQSMS was the very first SQMS software available on the market to provide its clients with a regulatory amendment tracking service. ASQS as the software provider has been importing as well as keeping up-to-date all applicable regulations to facilitate the auditing process of our clients. Since having access to the latest applicable regulations is not only essential during the auditing process, but also in the day-to-day working environment, the Regulation Reader emerges as an effective support tool for all operators. This new function provides our users with several benefits:

  • It is no longer required to download regulations/standards in PDF format, store them locally and keep them up-to-date. With its Regulation Reader, IQSMS ensures centralized, permanent and worldwide access to the applicable regulations/standards.
  • With the integrated full text search function, the users simply enter the relevant keywords and IQSMS finds in all applicable regulations/standards the relevant paragraphs.
  • The Regulation Reader additionally includes all internal standards entered by the users with the same features.

Regulation Cross Reference List: Those operators that have to concurrently comply with national regulations as well as industry standards (e.g. IOSA) are particularly aware of the following dilemma: on the one side, compliance with the applicable national regulation must be proven to the national authority, while on the other side additional conformity with the applicable industry standards must be demonstrated to external audit organizations. In all standard quality software available on the market, all of the relevant requirements must be audited in order to prove compliance with the applicable regulation. In IQSMS, however, the auditing process is considerably streamlined. Our users can define directly in the Quality Management Module the cross reference between different regulations, industry standards as well as their internal questions, and IQSMS will automatically track the compliance of referenced requirements, saving our users the effort of auditing requirements two or even more times. This represents a significant reduction of our customers’ workload and helps increase the effectiveness of their Quality department.

Finding Messenger: The corrective action process often requires the responsible auditee to communicate with his colleagues or liaise with other departments in order to identify a proper corrective or preventive action, which permanently eliminates the root cause for a finding. Since all standard Quality software only provide the function for the auditee to take his final corrective and/or preventive action, the entire additional communication has to be performed via e-mail or other channels, and is therefore inaccessible to the Quality Department. As a result, Quality Departments are often not aware of the progress of the actions to be performed and cannot effectively support the responsible departments during this process.

With the aim of redefining internal communication within your Quality Department, ASQS has implemented a Finding Messenger function in the Auditee section. Auditees can assign the relevant colleagues to a finding and conduct all the relevant communication and exchange of information directly in IQSMS. The communication is used for information only and is not displayed in the audit report, but the Quality Department has permanent access to the communication as a supporting function. With the entire communication means concentrated in one software, processes are streamlined, due dates are easier achieved, and user-friendliness is increased.

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