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Airworthiness Review

Our Airworthiness Review Add-on, which is based on the requirements set out in EASA Part M Subpart I, is a central and comprehensive database which supports operators with the planning, the conduct and the follow-up of their internally performed airworthiness reviews.

Since the Airworthiness Review Module ties in with the Quality Module, the process of handling findings is identical to the one for audits and inspections. The approved set of checklists for recommendations, extensions and reviews can easily be integrated into IQSMS. The program automatically informs you about upcoming action and deadlines, indicates tasks by priority and if required, staggers scheduled review actions to meet challenges timely.


  • Standardized documentation to guarantee obligation to produce proof
  • Actions taken can easily be tracked
  • EASA Form 15b and other approved documentation is created automatically
  • Improved resource planning
  • Full transparency of airworthiness reviews / extensions and recommendations