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Fatigue Risk Management Module

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Fatigue Risk Management Module

Fatigue is a common problem in modern aviation operations, a product of long duty periods and irregular working hours that too often lead to insufficient sleep and resting time, which in turn may lead to errors and accidents.

In order to guarantee safe and smooth flight operations, the effective monitoring and surveillance of a crewmember’s condition, alertness and fatigue levels is of high value for every airline, business jet operator and aviation organization.

The Fatigue App, similar to the IQSMS Reporting Module, is a reporting tool that supports the identification of crewmember fatigue levels and enables the proactive management of fatigue-related safety risks.

In order to document the state of alertness of the crewmembers, the app offers a report consisting of a standardized form of testing, which measures the crew’s reaction time before departure and again at two specific times in-flight - at the Top of the Climb and the Top of the Descent - and additionally provides general information about their subjective condition concerning the event in the form of a report text.

On the basis of the reports, the IQSMS Fatigue App enables the timely recognition of Fatigue trends which contributes to an improvement of the Fatigue Management and the prevention of fatigue-related risks and hazards.


Easy monitoring and surveillance of crew members' alertness and fatigue levels
            Recognition of fatigue trends
Proactive management of fatigue related risks
Intuitive fatigue test for crew members available on iPads