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Document Distribution Module

The Document Distribution Module supports the publication and distribution process of manuals, newsletters, bulletins or similar documentation across your organization.

The Module significantly simplifies the end user's navigation in published documents and enables easy access to the different types of information e.g. specific work instructions, quality and safety processes.

Different distribution lists can be established and assigned to users/user groups, thus ensuring sound distribution management. All personnel assigned to a specific distribution list is informed via e-mail of newly published manuals and/or amendments.

IQSMS Document Distribution Module enables you to keep track of user access to published documentation, track when the user has accessed the information and, if needed, confirmation that this has been read and understood with automatic follow up for compliance, easing this part of your due diligence process. Additionally, the Document Manager has the possibility to define expiration dates for the uploaded documents. The system automatically informs the user, administrator and e.g. HR manager in time to renew certificates, approvals etc.