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Reporting Module

The Reporting Module covers the entire non-conformity, near miss, hazard and occurrence reporting process for all operations within your organization, from occupational health and safety, to non-conformity - Incident/Accident and Hazard Reports.

To facilitate reporting when not at your home base, IQSMS supports the report entry on laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones, both on- and offline.

We offer an offline Reporting App for iPads and Android tablets/mobile phones, as well as an offline reporting system for laptops. All reports entered in the offline reporting systems are automatically transferred to the IQSMS server as soon as an internet connection is re-established (also via satellite communication).

Risk classification is performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 31000 risk management. The entire follow-up process is facilitated by IQSMS, including the assignment of responsible managers, the tracking of corrective and preventive actions, and the root cause analysis based on the HFACS and 5Why methods. Each step of the reporting process is documented with a time stamp and therefore fully traceable. For the analysis of more significant occurrences, detailed investigation reports can be created and distributed.

To ensure that not only your safety department can make use of the Reporting Module, the report forms implemented in IQSMS can be customized to meet your requirements. Various standard report forms, such as safety, security and service reports are already available in IQSMS. If required, ASQS can implement your report forms as per your desired content and/or layout. All entered reports are automatically transferred to the pre-assigned responsible managers and/or departments within your organization in order to respect and support your pre-defined reporting lines.

Track your safety performance indicators with the integrated Dashboard that enables you to define a wide variety of different indicators. Define your targets and IQSMS will alert you if these are exceeded. Indicators can be defined on both absolute and significant relative (e.g. per port hours, man hours as well as sea hours) parameters.