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Quality Management Module

The Quality Management Module of IQSMS is an industry proven tool that supports Quality and Compliance Management departments in reducing their daily administrative workload significantly.

The system comprises of smart features which simplify and ease daily compliance work, including the management of audit plans, conducting safety and quality audits, both online and offline, as well as efficient management of corrective action implementation.

Moreover, the module impresses with additional outstanding features. These include a regulation reader, an integrated legal cross-reference list functionality as well as the automatic creation of compliance lists to prove what requirements were audited.

Each step throughout audit process is documented with a time stamp from the initial audit notification, through to findings and corrective action process and all results are therefore fully traceable and available for statistics.

As audits sometimes take place at locations where no internet connection is available, ASQS has developed an iPad Auditing App that enables you to perform audits offline.

IQSMS supports both internal and external auditing. Auditees do not have to be ASQS customers in order to work with the system. IQSMS informs Auditors and Auditees via e-mail about due dates and actions performed by their counterparts. System-generated e-mails ensure that everyone involved in the audit stays permanently up-to-date with the status of each finding, even without being logged into IQSMS. In addition, in IQSMS every finding can be risk-analyzed in order to create risk profiles for all internal departments and external service providers.

Since ASQS keeps track of all legal amendments, our customers benefit from a consolidated, constantly up-to-date regulations database. An extensive number of regulations and standards are already implemented in IQSMS and additionally required regulations are added on a regular basis. These include:

  • Flag State
  • Class
  • SIRE
  • CDI
  • CFR
  • ISO standards (if provided by the client)
  • Any standard as defined by the client

Your national regulation is not yet in the IQSMS database? No problem – it can be implemented upon request.

If your company has to comply at the same time with different standards and regulations whose legal content overlap, IQSMS will streamline this process. Instead of auditing all corresponding requirements one by one, you can define a cross-reference list with coinciding paragraphs from different regulations/standards and only audit them once. IQSMS automatically tracks the correlations and publishes the compliance list accordingly.