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Offshore Modules

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Vessel Management Module

The vessel management module enables the organization to keep all details on the single vessel in one easy to use module. It handles all vessel related information from descriptions and drawings to contact points and certificate handling, thus significantly reducing the administration time and ensuring complete up-to-date information.

The vessel management module is designed to have all important vessel information gathered in one place, giving easy access to continuously updated, reliable information, significantly easing the workflow for the owner, manager, commercial departments, charterer and so forth. All the information you need for your clients and daily operations are stored in one place, ready to use in an updated form.

General Information for the vessels is available in the detail required by your organization. Gathered in one place, the information includes main data about the vessel in a clear overview, with details and contacts on the vessel, owner, manager and other stakeholders as defined by you.

Vessel Technical information includes factual and technical information on the vessel in a concise overview and, depending on the detail required by your organization, it can encompass all relevant information.

Files and certifications are handled easily and fully customizable with mandatory and non-mandatory files at your discretion. All certificates are accompanied with automatic alerts on expiration, fully customizable to notify either internal or external stakeholders at your discretion.

The handling and maintenance of the information can be handled either in house or externally directly from the source, ensuring comprehensive up-to-date information is always available.