As diverse as your daily business: The IQSMS Suite

IQSMS is an integrated, web-based Safety, Quality and Risk Management solution for the aviation, maritime and offshore sector which has been developed by aviation industry experts and experienced IT professionals. Due to the modular set-up of the software, customers can easily assemble their individual solutions by deciding which of the provided modules support their company most efficiently. Our highest priority in the development of our products – apart from complying with all relevant legal requirements – is to create intuitive, user-friendly solutions that suit the individual business needs of our clients and meet their particular specifications. The easy handling of IQSMS is appreciated by all our clients, resulting in high functionality even among personnel not working with IQSMS on a daily basis (e.g. line management, operations personnel).


Manage all your Safety, Quality and Risk Management data in a single integrated tool. To improve the workflow and reduce administrative workload, information can be transferred easily from one module to another. The centralization of information helps your organization identify internal risk trends by considering the data entered in the various IQSMS modules. In addition, IQSMS facilitates the identification of relevant risk mitigation tasks.

Support your managers with the tracking of their open tasks. Whether they have some quality findings still open, tasks to complete in a Management of Change project, or corrective actions to take on occurrence/hazard reports, IQSMS will simplify the process. The centralized Action Board shows all outstanding actions on a single screen. No additional navigation through IQSMS is required to get an overview of all your tasks.

Every organization is built up differently and ASQS is aware of that. Since our clients range from small aircraft operators to some of the largest airlines in the world, we have a lot of experience in customizing IQSMS. With the implementation of IQSMS you do not have to change your organizational processes. We analyze your specific requirements together with you and customize IQSMS to suit your needs.

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We are very proud to welcome Alliance Airlines as our first Australian customer!

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Happy Labor Day!

 Every organization grows and develops with combined efforts. Today is the day dedicated to those, who face the challenges and daily strive to keep everything going. To all the hands who have worked hard to make our company shine. Wishing each one of our employees and all our customers a very Happy Labor Day! 

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