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Available as offline app
Available as offline app

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We attach great importance to the highest quality in all our services and products. For this reason, we put a strong emphasis on data integrity by retrieving relevant data directly from the competent authorities (EASA, FAA, GCAA, Transport Canada and many more) and publishing organizations (IATA, IBAC, ISO through Austrian Standards Plus GmbH) and feeding it into the iQSMS database.

This way, you can be sure that you are always working in accordance with the latest published regulations, industry standards and protocols.

By implementing the IOSA cross-reference list provided directly by IATA, parallel compliance with IOSA and EASA, FAA or GCAA gets even easier. In iQSMS, the ISARPs and the respective regulatory requirements are linked. Double auditing of the same requirements thus becomes a matter of the past and the effectiveness of your compliance and quality departments is increased.

How we ensure high data quality

Explore our expansion modules

The iQSMS Suite offers a range of modules to streamline your quality-, safety- and risk-management processes. In addition to the three main modules, the modular structure of iQSMS allows you to add expansion modules to adapt the system to the requirements of your organization and thus support your safety management even more efficiently.

Offline Apps

To ensure operational continuity,
the iQSMS apps enable users to create reports, perform internal and external audits and read published documents, even without an internet connection.

Airport and Flight Risk

Supports an effective implementation of FRAT and creates automatic airport briefings.

FDM Risk

Links iQSMS with your FDM/FOQA software and automatically imports events.

Document Distribution

Distributes documents, newsletters, safety bulletins etc. across the organization. Includes a read and sign process.

Emergency Response Planning

Supports the definition and assignment of required actions in emergency situations.


Supports the performance of internal and external surveys to analyze organizational processes.


iQSMS Suite for all
aviation businesses

We understand that different businesses have different requirements and needs. See which modules are available for your particular type of operation.
Compliance requirements
AirlinesEASA, FAA, TC, UK CAA, GCAA, IOSA, BARS & many more
Business Jet OperatorsEASA, FAA, TC, UK CAA, GCAA, IS-BAO & many more
Helicopter OperatorsEASA, FAA, TC, UK CAA, GCAA, BARS & many more
Airports & Ground HandlingEASA, FAA, TC, UK CAA, GCAA, ISAGO, IS-BAH & many more
Part-145 & Part-21EASA, FAA, TC, UK CAA, GCAA & many more
UAVs & eVTOLsEASA, FAA, TC, UK CAA, GCAA & many more
Quality Management
Risk Management
Airport and Flight Risk
Document Distribution
Emergency Response Planning

iQSMS Integrations

In a company, many different applications are in use to support daily tasks and processes. Integration and automation are therefore essential if you seek to maintain a clear overview of your business performance and reduce redundant tasks.

Link iQSMS to the applications you use and exchange critical information and data between the tools that work for you.

Collaboration is key. We are constantly expanding our cooperations with industry partners who offer both services and solutions to take work off your hands by connecting knowledge and applications.

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