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Ai Co-Validator

Introducing: Your automated supporting solution for report approval in iQSMS Reporting.

Effortlessly approve reports matching Event Classifications with the highest confidence level, identified by the iQSMS Ai Co-Validator. Revolutionize your workflow, increase efficiency and enhance safety.

Watch the introduction video for the new iQSMS AI Solution.

How it works

The Ai Co-Validator analyzes incoming report texts and suggests the best matching event classification based on customer-specific criteria. It then compares the user-selected event classification with the one recommended by the Artificial Intelligence.

If the AI’s confidence in its classification exceeds the minimum threshold set by the user, the report is automatically approved. The approved reports are assigned to designated users or user groups as defined by the administrator.

Your Benefits

24/7 Report Approval

Report Approval



Objective Analyses & Assessments

Objective Analyses
& Assessments

Consistency in Report Analysis

Consistency in
Report Analysis

Günther Schindl

Günther Schindl

CEO & Co-Founder ASQS

I am super excited about the cooperation with our partner Lufthansa Industry Solutions and the release of the Ai Co-Validator. This feature is a game changer for large organizations, processing 500 or more reports in iQSMS, every month. The Ai Co-Validator reduces routine tasks in order to focus on safety critical ones which increase the overall safety levels of our customers.


This is just the beginning...

More Ai-Tools are coming to iQSMS. Follow us for updates!
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Amir Farajollahzadeh

Amir Farajollahzadeh

Business Director MRO, Hospitality & SAP at Lufthansa Industry Solutions

The partnership between ASQS and LHIND marks an important milestone in providing advanced solutions to the aviation industry. By utilizing the latest technologies and AI capabilities, the safety and efficiency of flight operations will be further enhanced. Users of iQSMS can benefit from the collaboration by saving time and resources while ensuring higher data quality and compliance.


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