Women of Aviation - Meet our colleagues from ASQS Bangkok

Interview    /    March 30, 2022

We close our Women in Aviation Month with an interview with two of our estimated fellow team members from ASQS Bangkok. As the month draws to a close, our support for women in the aviation and technology industry continues. Not only do we look forward to the days when women are treated equally to men, but we want to actively shape a world where everyone can reach their full potential.

Last month, we spotlighted women from the aviation industry, by giving them space to share their professional and personal stories. Although women worldwide still face biases when it comes to gender equality, women like Eva, Mariam, Kathi and Grace showed us that it is possible to overcome barriers and discussed why women should pursue a career in aviation and tech and that the future in these industries is diverse and bright.

Chanidapa Kittakoub, Team Manager, and Apinya Wongtongkum, 2nd level support at ASQS Thailand, talk with us about their journey into tech and share their experiences and thoughts of being a woman in the IT world.

  • Thank you for joining us. Tell us a little about yourself: What it is that you do and what does a typical day for you look like?
    Chanidapa: As team leader, I am mainly responsible for supervising, coaching, and evaluating the performance of the team, organizing and conducting meetings, and following up on important actions and decisions. I manage projects and see them through from inception to completion. In doing so, I keep myself abreast of all ongoing and planned operations to ensure a smooth functioning of the team and as a result, the satisfaction of our customers.
    Apinya: As part of the support team, I perform various tasks on a typical day to assist our customers in using the system or in case of problems. In our weekly team meetings, we clarify open questions and exchange ideas.
  • What’s your technical background? How did you get into tech and aviation?Apinya:I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2013 and worked as IT support agent for about two years before I got the opportunity to work for ASQS.
    Chanidapa: I have a Bachelor in Engineering with a focus on Information Technology. So, I originally came from a technical background and have landed in the aviation industry, which I find very interesting. But I’m also very much into project management.

  • Chanidapa, as team leader in our Bangkok office, what would you say is the most important role of a team leader in the IT sector? And what do you love most about your job?

    The most important thing is to be a leader, not a boss, and to encourage the team, instead of constantly telling them what to do. So, I always think that we are just working in different specialties – IT, Management. I would like to create a safe environment for colleagues to express their opinion, engage and work. I love to mentor colleagues and see how they develop on their desired career path.

Chanidapa Kittakoub

Team Manager, ASQS Thailand

Gender bias in hiring, as well as a lack of female leaders, continues to hinder opportunities for women in the tech industry.

Apinya Wongtongkum

Apinya Wongtongkum

2nd Level Support, ASQS Thailand

  • What do you believe are the biggest challenges for women in the tech industry and what advice would you give to woman considering a career in this field?
    Apinya: As you probably know, most IT professionals are male, so it’s quite a challenge for me. Gender bias in hiring as well as a lack of female leaders continue to hinder opportunities for women in the tech industry. However, I believe that everyone can do what they want or what they are interested in without a gender barrier.
    Chanidapa: Another challenge is a lack of diversity in the workplace that can create a hostile environment. So, women’s feedback or opinions might be overlooked. My advice would be to keep up the good work and prove with your expertise that talent and ability are not dependent on gender.

  • Have you faced any barriers in your education/career due to being a woman? If so, how did you overcome them?

    In my personal experience, I have never faced this kind of problem. But if I were in such a situation, I would prove them wrong with my skills and I believe they will eventually accept me.

    I never faced barriers, but I heard a lot about it. I think things would be better if people had more awareness of diversity, the importance of a supportive environment and equality.
  • Apinya, as 2nd level tech support agent – what do you love most about your job?

    I am able to learn new things every day. Most importantly, I have the opportunity to communicate with foreign colleagues and further improve my English at the same time.