Conduct Your Occurrence Investigations in iQSMS

iQSMS    /    September 9, 2023

A comprehensive risk management approach encompasses a systematic detection, analysis, and assessment as well as the constant monitoring of hazards and risks threatening the operational safety. A crucial part of managing operational risks thereby derives from analysing and learning from past safety-related incidents and accidents. Therefore, a sound reporting culture and safety occurrence investigations play an important role in understanding risks and managing them appropriately.
The iQSMS Reporting and Risk Management Modules support our users in the entire occurrence reporting process and enable a proactive, systematic approach to the analysis and assessment of operational risks and their elimination. Linked to both modules, the Investigation Add-on, which is automatically available for all customers working with the Reporting and Risk Management Modules, allows users to conduct safety occurrence investigations of reported accidents and severe incidents directly within iQSMS.
Based on ICAO Annex 13, Boeing MEDA (Maintenance), REDA (Ramp / Ground Handling) or your company-specific investigation template(s), significant occurrences can be investigated, including data collection, analysis and the proposal of safety recommendations based on the findings of the investigation. Escalated to the responsible management, iQSMS enables you to conduct a risk assessment for every single recommendation to take adequate corrective actions that prevent the reoccurrence of hazardous incidents.

Performing your occurrence investigations with the iQSMS Investigation Add-on guarantees full transparency of actions taken during the entire investigation process. By enabling users to define roles and assign responsibilities, the Investigation Add-on facilitates the monitoring and tracking of the follow-up implementation tasks to make sure safety actions are taken and completed in a timely manner.