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Safer Internet Day

Blog    /    February 8, 2022

Today’s Safer Internet Day, organised by the European Commission as part of the Safer Internet Programme, calls on all stakeholders to take action and make the Internet a safer and better place.
Together for a better Internet
At ASQS, we work to the highest quality standards and always strive to improve our clients’ safety and compliance levels. As a community-oriented company, we also see it as our duty to raise awareness for more security on the Internet and to participate in the campaign with the slogan “Together for a better Internet”. In a world where communication increasingly takes place online, it is important to acquire and develop digital skills. By empowering users, we can create a better online world. On this occasion, we spoke with our Server Administrator Robert Buchinger, who plays an important role when it comes to secure and successful network and data center operations at ASQS.
Our Server Administrator
Robert Buchinger can look back on many years of experience in the field of software development. For over ten years he has been ensuring a smoothly running production environment at ASQS, and thus providing a continuously great user experience.

Even at a young age, he had an affinity for computer science. After attending the Higher Technical Institute in St. Pölten with a focus on “Electronics and Informatics”, a degree course of the same subject at the University of Applied Sciences was initially the obvious choice. This was followed by a change to the Technical University in Vienna and the specialisation “Computer Engineering”. Equipped with the necessary theoretical knowledge from his studies and the practical experience from his previous work as a freelancer, he supports the IT team at ASQS from the very beginning.

Robert Buchinger
Server Administrator
Data Security is Paramount
In his current position as Server Administrator, he has an endless list of responsibilities, including IT security, server maintenance, data restoration, backups, recovery police and much more. Data security is paramount at ASQS. For us to maintain guaranteed data availability, our data is mirrored on other servers and backups are made on these, ensuring that these backups are reproducible. This means that they can also be restored in extreme cases. So, while you are reading this, Robert is ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the background. What sounds easy going in the first place, can in fact be stressful on some days. “To troubleshoot problems, we are globally well-positioned with our employees and offices and quickly fix any incidents” says Robert.
When we asked him for practical tips on how to use the internet and mobile phones safely and responsibly, he advised: “Don’t trust anyone!” then added, “Of course there are the well-known rules that should always be followed. For example, you should use strong and different passwords for each account, manage your privacy settings and always update your software.”

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