ASQS Safety and Quality Solutions Inc. becomes HAC member

Blog    /    April 5, 2022

We are proud to announce that we have become a member of the Helicopter Association of Canada(HAC), assisting Canadian helicopter operators in further optimizing safety-related processes within their organizations.
The Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) is a non-profit organization, which, under the banner of “bringing the industry together,” represents the interests of operators, pilots, manufacturers, technicians and many more, striving to strengthen the Canadian helicopter industry on multiple levels.

This includes, first and foremost, fostering a vital exchange of knowledge and experience among members to spotlight and tackle common challenges, as well as continuing to educate and raise awareness among members, government agencies and the public about important issues within the industry. To accomplish this, the HAC works ambitiously to create a political and regulatory environment that allows the helicopter industry to thrive, remain financially viable, and further expand the use of helicopters at all levels of Canadian life.

The promotion of continuous improvement in aviation safety is another pillar of the HAC’s work, allowing us as members to contribute to the continued development and strengthening of the Canadian helicopter industry through our expertise in safety and quality management for helicopter operations of all types.

Günther Schindl, CEO of the ASQS Group, on the membership:

„We are proud to hold the membership of the Canadian Helicopter Association as we believe that the exchange of knowledge and experience promoted by the HAC is essential for continuous progress in the field of flight safety and quality assurance. We are excited to share our knowledge with the Canadian helicopter community and to assist operators in optimizing safety-related processes within their organizations. Through our office in Calgary, Alberta, we are able to provide on-site service to customers in the region.”

Günther Schindl, CEO ASQS