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iQSMS Easy Rules - new feature out now!

Blog    /    January 31, 2020

Understanding the time involved for audit planning and conducting, we are relentlessly striving to improve our system in order to provide an even more timesaving and intuitive user experience. Therefore, we are delighted to announce our newest iQSMS feature: iQSMS Easy Rules.
Inspired by the EASA Easy Access Rule concept, we will be providing regulations and the relevant AMC (or equivalents) in a combined format. The AMC/GM will be listed correctly after the relevant sub-paragraph, which will noticeably simplify the creation of audit questionnaires and reading regulations within the iQSMS regulations reader.

Example Regulation EASA Part M including AMC/GM

While before, the regulations and corresponding AMC were provided separately and painstakingly had to be compiled for the questionnaire, the new feature allows to handle the audit preparation with just a few simple steps, without losing the overall perspective.

Having started with EASA Part M and EASA Part 145 regulation, we will proceed to merge all our regulations* step by step, according to the publishing of the corresponding amendments. EASA Part M and EASA Part 145 regulations can be activated for all customers as of now.

We hope this innovation will make your life much easier and further improve our services to your company. Should you have any questions on that, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Please note that this innovation does not apply to IOSA and ISAGO regulations, since the GM is not used in the same manner as for other regulations (i.e. EASA).