Streamline Data Insights with iQSMS Data Export API

iQSMS    /    November 19, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Data Export APIs for the iQSMS Quality and Reporting Module, now available for all users.
Boost Your Data Intelligence with iQSMS Data Export APIs
The iQSMS platform has been designed to streamline the storage, management, and processing of all your quality and safety-related data. With the new iQSMS data export APIs, you gain unprecedented control over your data, ensuring comprehensive oversight of your business performance.
Seamless Data Export for Improved Workflow
The commitment of ASQS to enhancing customer workflow has driven us to develop solutions that not only secure data storage but also simplify the data export process. After dedicated efforts over the past 10 months, we’re proud to introduce data export APIs for our Reporting and Quality Modules. These interfaces facilitate seamless data flow between iQSMS and your preferred software applications, enabling secure, efficient data export for further processing and insight generation.

Flexible Integration with Your Software Tools
The iQSMS data export APIs support the straightforward export of data from the iQSMS database to any third-party application, including Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analysis tools. Recognizing the diverse software needs of our users, we’ve ensured that these APIs offer the flexibility to work with any application, enhancing the utility and adaptability of your data.

Get Started with iQSMS Data Export APIs
Interested in leveraging our Data Export APIs? Contact our support team at for the necessary credentials and a technical guide. Embrace the power of efficient data export with IQSMS and transform your quality and safety data into actionable business insights.